Tata Steel – Natural light

Halle System AB has been producing GRP sheets (GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC) for daylight solutions, light transmission around 85%, to building such as production, agriculture, storage, sun collecting, carports and verandas since the end of the 60s. Our product is sold under the trademark Halle Lux. Halle System supplies a wide range of profiled sheeting in many different profiles and colours in GRP sheets and Polycarbonate as well plain multiwall sheets. We have the solution for your daylight!

Halle has been cooperating with Tata Steel and delivered GRP sheets to their European facilities since the 1960s. See your GRP profiled sheets for Tata Steel on this page.

If you are unable to find your specific profile in the table below, please let us know.

Product specifications:

  • Glasfiber / m2: 375 gr / 450 gr / 900 gr / 1200 grams
  • RAL colours: All RAL colours
  • Anti-condensation protection – losing around 10% light transmission.

See technical information below.
Main page: hallelux.se

Sinus 18/990 Art.no. WC
Sinus 27/1000 Art.no. TU
Sinus 45/900 Art.no. OL
OP 18 Art.no. OE
OP 20 Art.no. OK
OP 30 Art.no. OF
OP 45 Art.no. OG
OVP 45 Sinus Art.no. OL
Trapes 19 (T 19) Art.no. TI
Trapes 30 (T 30) Art.no. TL
Trapes 45 (T 45) Art.no. TS
SAB 45/900 Art.no. OT
SAB 70R/800 Art.no. OS
Polysol Polycarbonate CLEAR / OPAL / SMOKE