Rukki – Natural light

Halle has been cooperating with Rukki and delivering natural light to their European facilities since the 1960s.

If you are unable to find your profile in the table below, please let us know. We can check to see if we already have it, or if can develop a new profile tool.

RA6T 15-115 RA
RA6T 18-92 RO
RA6T 19-20 RC
RA6T 20-30 RD
RA6T 20-42 SW RE
RA6T 35-25 RF
RA6T 45-30 E RG
RA6T 45-95 E-1025 RK
RA6T 45-30 (T45-30(60)-905) RL
RA6T 45-30 RN
RA6T 70-57L-846 RR
Polysol Polycarbonate CLEAR / OPAL / SMOKE